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Chronos Agency – 398% inc in pipeline, 2x deals won

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Table of Contents

About Chronos Agency

A specialist Email marketing agency, and one of the few Klaviyo Master Elite partners in the world – Chronos has 80+ staff, global operations across APAC & USA, servicing small business and enterprise brands.

Snapshot of results

  • 54% increase in deals won
  • 175% increase in marketing pipeline generated
  • 2x deals won from marketing lead sources
  • 2x increase in marketing-generated pipeline
  • 180% increase in traffic generated YoY

Key goals & challenges

  • Improve MQL generation & conversion rates
  • Build a founder independent sales team, including BDM, and BDR.
  • Establish a strong sales coach/manager to level up the sales team.
  • A focus, revenue-driven approach to marketing
  • Establishing a new USP & consistent approach to branding

How did Wasif Kasim Consulitng help?


Gap analysis:

  • Audited the marketing, sales, and retention process to identify elements inhibiting scale, created a 12-month roadmap to overcome these obstacles, and execution and coached alongside the existing teams.

Accelerating growth:  

  • A clear plan on how and where to focus sales & marketing efforts to accelerate their growth, including culling various activities that were non revenue focused.
  • Coaching the marketing & sales leads on best practices including Meta, Google Ads, copywriting, UX/UI, sales framework, best practice sales decks, hiring, and more.

Building a high-performance sales and marketing engine:

  • Delivered consistent marketing-sourced revenue, as well a marketing drive deals won, and put marketing finally back in the “green” after various months of being in the red.
  • Optimization of the marketing team structure, creating a leaner marketing team.
  • Recruitment of the sales & operations contractors to support revenue growth.
  • Establishing Hubspot systems, processes, and frameworks to accurately track ROI of all efforts.
  • Set up and launch holistic B2B marketing including meta, brand messaging, Google ads, new creative direction, blogging strategy, website optimization, email nurturing & more.

Ongoing coaching and mentoring:

  • Multiple recurring meetings per week to coach
    • The founders
    • Head of sales
    • Head of marketing
    • Designers
    • In-house content marketing
    • Hubspot specialists
    • Paid media specialists
    • & more

Key initiatives implemented:


Hubspot implementation & strategy

  • Establishing the “ideal, best practice” Hubspot setup to accelerate new business & retention efforts.
  • Establishing a single source of truth for sales, marketing & retention efforts.


  • Recruitment and expansion of the sales team
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and setting realistic targets
  • 1:1 Sales coaching and mentoring (including frameworks) to develop a high-performance sales culture.
  • Integration of Pandadoc with Hubspot, and automation of contract creation process.
  • Creation of Hubspot reports, dashboards, and processes to maximize deal conversion rates and revenue growth.


  • Fractional CMO, overseeing the marketing department
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and setting realistic targets
  • Recruitment and expansion of the marketing team
  • Brand workshop – new USP & brand positioning for differentiation
  • Go-to-market plan and execution – across digital marketing & events
  • Execution across Meta, Google ads, copy, CRO, events management & more
  • Creation of Hubspot reports, dashboards, and processes to maximize lead conversion rates and revenue growth.

Customer Success

  • Migration of customer success/retention processes from “Excel sheet” processes to a scaleable Hubspot mechanism.
  • Hubspot setup to enhance client visibility and overall customer experience
  • Creation of Hubspot reports, dashboards, and processes to maximize retention rates and revenue growth.


  • With the above engagement, this Chronos agency hit their highest months within sales & marketing within 6 months of the engagement starting.
  • They’ve now gained a new, more focused, “revenue-driven” approach to marketing
  • The newly formed sales team has helped de-risk business success from being purely founder-driven & led.
  • Alignment between sales and marketing is the highest it’s ever been; with consistent collaboration driving strong growth outcomes.

If you’re looking to scale your B2B as well, let’s talk.

Email me at wasif@wasifkasim.com or call +614 16 725 561 to see how I can help you accelerate your growth.