Wasif Kasim Consulting

Joshua Chin

Wasif completely changed the trajectory of our business. He helped us accomplish in 3 months across sales & marketing, what we were trying so hard to do in 3 years. My only regret is not finding him sooner!

Joshua Chin
Founder, Chronos Agency
Lawrence Hitches

Ran through a very informative workshop with Wasif with lots of practical and actionable suggestions to improve our marketing & sales approach based on expertise in the agency world. Thanks mate!

Lawrence Hitches
General Manager, Studio Hawk
Jamie Krithiras

I highly recommend Was to any agency owner that’s looking for their next stage of growth. Was takes the time to understand your goals, he’s been down the road that you’re trying to go down, and has an incredible amount of experience to help you scale right away!

Jamie Krithiras
Founder, Defiant Digital
Blake Micola

Wasif is one of the true masters of the game. It’s rare to find a consultant who knows a little about a lot. A true utility that any business can benefit from. I highly recommend having a chat with Wasif to see how he can help your business accelerate and grow.

Blake Micola
CEO, GMS Media Group
Nirmal Gyanwali

I’m a big fan of Wasif strategic vision for growth. His expertise with HubSpot, especially from a RevOps perspective, is something that’s unmatched. His insights and approach have been enlightening; look forward to continued collaboration with him.

Nirmal Gyanwali
Managing Director, WP Creative
Eric Stephens

Wasif, brings the knowledge and moreover, he brings it with value. When you combine that work ethic with his years of experience, no one better as a consultant in the digital marketing space.

Eric Stephens
CEO, True Sydney
Brian Jones

I can’t recommend Was highly enough for any business looking to navigate through complex strategic changes. His impact on VA Platinum has been nothing short of transformative, and we are immensely grateful for his guidance and support.

Brian Jones
CEO, VA Platinum
Simon Train

Wasif’s knowledge in the digital marketing space has been invaluable for the growth of my agency, GMS Media Group. He constantly goes above and beyond to help us out with the agency and is an absolute legend to work with. Can’t recommend him enough.

Simon Train
Co-Founder, GMS Media Group
Jeremy Tang

Was is a great guy and an absolute professional with a wealth of knowledge. I’ve personally experienced the enthusiasm and commitment he has to get the best outcome for his clients. Highly recommend him.

Jeremy Tang
Founder, Area Ten
Rich Burns

Wasif is someone you can trust and someone who really knows his stuff, in agency/marketing/coaching world. A great track record, valuable insights and ideas which I’ve relied upon in a few consulting sessions.

Rich Burns
Founder, ROAS Media
Vincent Maneno

Was has extensive experience from all the various agencies & businesses he’s helped grow in his lifetime, helping us find the quickest pathway to success. Hands-on guidance on marketing, sales, recruitment & more. For any founder or b2b owner, highly recommend connecting with Was.

Vincent Maneno
Director, Metric Labs
Craig Hodges

Wasif is a dedicated, smart, logical and a great guy. He certainly know how to get things done, understands the marketing space, and knows exactly what it takes to scale.

Craig Hodges
CEO & Founder, King Content
Prasad Shringarpure

Wasif’s depth of experience has been truly valuable to our growth. He developed the right plan for us, and prioritized actions based on our current size. His experience and understanding of the industry is unmatched.

Prasad Shringarpure
Director, Amplifyr
Michael Kingston

It’s rare to meet someone with the exec presence and vast experience that Was has. Building a company from scratch is really scary with uncertainty around every corner. Having Was in my corner counselling me on big decisions has been instrumental in growing Seeda.io

Michael Kingston
Founder, Seeda
Tony Hooton

The insights Was has, his approach, and his focus are awesome. A wealth of knowledge and brings his experience to advise and implement growth across your business. Insightful and unbelievably useful advice.

Tony Hooton
Founder, Move Ahead Media
Vahe Arabian

He’s an operator, provides recommendations in simple terms based on your business stage, and is 100% results-focused. Speak to Was for your b2b sales & marketing b2b challenges, highly recommended!

Vahe Arabian
Founder, State of Digital Publishing
Leo Comino

If you’re an agency owner, Was is the ally you want by your side to fast-track your agency’s success. Skip the trial and error phase and head straight to the win. Highly recommended.

Leo Comino
Founder, LION Digital
Jonathan King

Wasif has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful in helping us build out the marketing strategy and find growth hires. His experience and lean approach have worked very well in our lean scale-up approach.

Jonathan King
Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Lysn
Judy Hurditch

Wasif Kasim has provided us with excellent advice, grounded in his own deep experience. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants to build their company’s online marketing competencies.

Judy Hurditch
Managing Director, Intermedium
Nick Krithiras

Wasif was a pleasure to deal with and has a no-nonsense approach to consulting. His experience enables him to provide clear, relevant & concise advice to cut through the noise in refining our growth strategy.

Nick Krithiras
General Manager, Defiant Digital
Ifham Ahsan

As a growing business, marketing can be daunting – but Wasif helped simplify it all. Advice on our website, digital marketing & more has had a significant positive impact.

Ifham Ahsan
CEO, Elumina Learning Solutions
Sam Halcrow

Wasif excels in building teams that are driven, competent and empowered – truly educational experience watching his masterclass in HR, Marketing, Sales and beyond.

Sam Halcrow
Managing Director, Arcade Dev House
Taz P

Wasif excels in building teams that are driven, competent and empowered – truly educational experience watching his masterclass in HR, Marketing, Sales and beyond.

Taz P
Head Of Media & Strategy @ True Sydney
Alexis Hurditch

Great experience, patient, and a great operator. He helped set up new systems, hire staff, implement sales, marketing & retention processes the business hadn’t thought about. Highly recommended.

Alexis Hurditch
COO, Intermedium
William Yap

Wasif has been a great consultant. He took the time and made the effort to understand our business. Wasif’s advice is tailored and practical, demonstrating his vast experience in various industries.

William Yap
COO, Kalibre Asia Pacific
Dominic Sergi

Wasif’s depth of experience in helping agencies to scale and excel is truly invaluable. I’ve been consistently impressed by his approach to agency growth, generosity with his time, outstanding character and genuine care to help others succeed. Highly recommend.

Dominic Sergi
Director, Local Digital Agency
Huyen Truong

Hands down having Wasif as our B2B marketing consultant is one of my best moves in 2023; a game changer. His suggestions are detailed, specific, and step-by-step; not the generic guides I got from previous coaches. Highly recommended to any agency needs help!

Huyen Truong
Search Marketing Director, Online Marketing for Doctors
Parul Choundary

I cannot recommend Wasif enough for his exceptional services as an agency coach. He helped us craft a fantastic plan for our long-term objectives, find talent, setup tools & dashboar Thanks to him, we’ve been confidently moving in the right direction ever since.

Parul Choundary
General Manager, Area Ten
David Low

I highly recommend Was to turbocharge your sales and/or marketing efforts. Hands-on when needed to fix systems, strategic and consultative when required over our past 12 months of engagement. We have clear improvements and results thanks to WK!

David Low
Chief Commercial Officer, VA Platinum
Joshua Poole

Wasif ran a sales & marketing workshop, designed to help us scale. A tonne of knowledge – from lead gen to scaling sales, retention, recruitment & beyond; a B2B consultant who knows his stuff.

Joshua Poole
Head of Growth, Studio Hawk
Charbel Raffoul

Wasif is the go-person when it comes to growing your digital marketing agency. He’s helped me with varous initiatives around client retention and the results speak for themselves! He knows the agency landscape really well – highly recommended for any agency looking to grow.

Charbel Raffoul
Head of SEO Performance, StudioHawk
Hendrick Lai

What an amazing operator Wasif is! Someone with true agency know-how – an unparalleled depth in the industry. Great strategic thinker, hands-on, gets involved with many aspects of the business, and helps find meaningful solutions. Great guy, don’t hesitate!

Hendrick Lai
Head of Operations, StudioHawk
Melinda Santos

Was has helped our marketing team for the last 6 months and has completely transformed the way we work. He raised the bar for the quality of work we produce, taught us to be persistent, and helped us upskill and learn. Thanks, Was!

Melinda Santos
Marketing Director, Chronos Agency
Jessica Silcock

Incredibly talented, exceptional emotional intelligence, unrivalled marketing skill and a natural born leader. I personally have a huge respect for Was. He led his team to realize their boundless potential.

Jessica Silcock
Global Community Director, Crimson Education
Brett Dickinson

In my 20+ years in the recruitment , I have rarely come across CEOs who truly “get” the complex world of HR. Wasif has a wealth of knowledge to share for those looking to scale.

Brett Dickinson
MD, S2M Recruitment
Lindsay Brown

Wasif is the go-to influencer for founders and business leaders seeking to accelerate their revenue journey. His deep understanding of what businesses need to thrive turbocharges customer growth, plus he ensures they get the most out of Hubspot in the process.

Lindsay Brown
Partner Manager, Hubspot
Kieran Krohn

Wasif is a real asset to any business. He’s an operator when it comes to scale, and has a tonne of experience deploying effective sales & marketing frameworks to accelerate growth. A true leader!

Kieran Krohn
Sales Manager, Hubspot

An agency coach that’s helped 100s of founders scale sustainably.



I’m not your typical Agency Coach that popped up overnight. For 10+ years, I’ve scaled agencies globally, and would love to help you do the same.

I build elite sales, marketing, retention & HR engines designed to deliver sustainable revenue growth. As an ex-CEO of one of the largest digital agencies in the world, I “get” the challenges that come with scale.

Most recently, I’ve:

  • Digital Agency: Quadrupled revenue to $30M+
  • Klaviyo Agency: 398% in pipeline, 2x deals won
  • SEO agency: 9x pipeline, 175% increase in deals won
  • Content Agency: Doubled revenue to $20M+ in 7 months

Looking to scale, and not quite sure how? Let’s chat.

Image of Wasif Kasim, agency coach & mentor

My Experience as an Agency Coach

Profitable, holistic growth.

With over 15+ years of experience across agency sales, marketing, HR, operations, executive leadership and more – you’ll have direct access to the methodology used to scale the largest agencies worldwide. It’s time to scale efficiently, profitably and sustainably.

Revenue acceleration.

I’ve generated over 45,000 highly qualified leads, and delivered more than $80M in new revenue for marketing agencies like Online Marketing Gurus, StudioHawk, Chronos, Defiant Digital, Area Ten, Metric Labs & many more. If you’ve hit a growth ceiling, I can help fix that.

Ex-CEO, been there & done that.

As an ex-CEO for one of the largest digital agencies globally, I’ve been there and done that.  You’ll get a holistic, proven approach to building high-performance teams that drive profitable revenue growth.

Trusted by 100s of founders

After speaking to 100s of founders, they all struggled with coaches who were too generic and lacked big agency experience. That’s where we come in, in-depth agency growth knowledge at your fingertips. 

What I do, in a nutshell.

Agency Customer acquisition

Less thinking, more winning. Putting in place the right B2B channel mix across SEO, Adwords, Social Media, Content, Design, Copy, Events & beyond to accelerate revenue growth.

High ROI Agency marketing teams

Establishing the framework for success and assembling a team of top performers to accelerate your lead generation. From strategy, to coaching, managing and beyond.

High performance Agency sales teams

Finding, coaching, mentoring ‘hunters’ to relieve you from the burden of being the revenue generator. B2B Sales frameworks, coaching and strategies to max deal close rates.

Brand awareness, USP and perception

More right fit agency customers, less tire kickers. Reposition your brand to the masses, create a unique USP, be perceived in the right light, and accelerate awareness to help you kick goals.

Employee satisfaction & retention

Build a culture that puts growth on autopilot. Establishing the building blocks to empower highly driven, high performance teams, that go above and beyond to fuel your growth.

Employer branding & value proposition

Attract the talent you want, curb staff turnover. Re-imagine your brand to prospective staff, overcome recruitment hurdles, and thrive in a competitive candidate market.

Scalable systems and processes

Don’t hinder your growth – onboard systems that scale as you scale. Chopping and changing is expensive – pick the right systems from the get go. From CRMs, to CMS’, to HRIS, and more.

Headhunting & recruitment training

Hire good people, faster. Learn tips even the most seasoned recruiters overlook, headhunt in mass, build your employer brand, and cut down your time to hire & resourcing challenges.

The results speak for themselves. Agency Coach, Mentor & beyond.

  • $80M in revenue delivered & 45k qualified leads.
  • Scaled digital agency from $7-$30M+ in 4 years
  • Scaled a content agency from $10-$20 M in 1 year
  • Scaled a education business from $5-30M in 2 years
  • Grew staff from 30 people to 200+ globally
  • Built an outbound sales engine that delivered $2m in CLTV
  • Built a partner engine that delivered $5M in CLTV
  • Grew sales teams from 3-20 staff
  • 400% ↑ in MRR (from 50k-250k/month).
  • 250% ↑ in deal size (from $1k/month to $3.5k/month).
  • 300% ↑ in deals won per sales person (from $10- $40k/month)
  • 20:1 ROI from marketing
  • 400% ↑ in Sales Qualified Leads
  • 300% ↑ in deals won
  • 400% ↑ in monthly recurring revenue
  • 5x ↑ in deals won from events (from 20k/month)
  • 900% ↑ in SEO traffic (5k to 50k/month)
  • 471% ↑ in Adwords conversions(25 to 200/month)
  • 8,900% ↑ in Facebook qualified leads (5 to 450/month)
  • ↑ clients “in contract” from 35% to 60%
  • Achieved 95-97% customer retention rates
  • Accelerated client up-sells/cross-sells (from 5-10k/month to 40k per month
  • ↓in staff costs by 30%
  • Shortlisted as AFR’s Best Places to Work
  • 312 % ↑ in employee satisfaction scores
  • 275% ↑ in successful hires monthly
  • 37% ↓ in staff exits

View Case Studies.

Doubled revenue to $20M, B2B content agency.

  • 14:1 ROI from marketing
  • 8x increase in global traffic
  • 100x increase in on-site conversions

Tripled revenue to $25M, Edu startup

  • 10:1 ROI from marketing
  • 1,000% inc in global traffic
  • 471% inc in adwords conversions

Quadrupled revenue to $30M, digital agency

  • 400% increase in SQLs
  • 250% increase in average deal size
  • 20:1 ROI from marketing

View Case Studies.

FAQs, answered

I typically coach and mentor an agency with revenue > $2M per year, that is ready and hungry to scale.
However, I do coach and mentor agencies that fall under that bracket too, so it’s all about whether there is a mutual fit.

The key here is the desire for the company to scale their revenue, and be ready to invest in an agency coach or mentor to accelerate their growth.

Typically this ends up being marketing agencies looking to scale their sales, marketing, retention & HR engines.

Ideally, they have a marketing/sales team in-house – and if not, I can help them build those departments out as well.

Mostly, yes. However, if you’re not a non agency B2B, feel like your growth has plateaued, and you’re ready to change it – I can help solve that. Again, the key factor here is your desire to grow & invest – if that’s there, I can make it a reality.
I’ve worked with many non-agency B2B clients before – from education consulting, to outsourcing companies, to SaaS and beyond. The principles are almost exactly the same.

Absolutely. My goal is to supercharge your team, and eventually walk away when you’re smashing your goals. This includes working with your current team, hiring new staff members, exiting current staff (if needed) and assisting with training and beyond.


For the most part, no. You’ll find a lot better and cheaper resources to do the execution. My role is to create a robust strategy that will,without a doubt, accelerate your revenue. Plus, I will monitor, coach and maximize the returns you get from the “executors” and your team.


Absolutely. After 1000s of interviews over time, I’ll help you find and hire top-notch talent to fuel your growth. Plus, I will leverage my network to connect you to the best agencies and contractors that will help you kick your goals.


Firstly, am I the cheapest? No. Will I give you the best chance of supercharging your growth? Absolutely. Remember – 50% of the hires you make, will likely fail. There’s a lot of time & money wasted in the process. Get it right from the get-go, with proven experts.


Picking the right agency mentor is hard.

Everyone sounds promising, but you don’t really know till you pay them.

And it’s either a waste of money, or money well spent.

(Unfortunately, it’s often the former).

So before you delve into it all – here are some tips to pick the best possible agency mentor for your business.


1/ Agency Experience:

Partner with someone who has actually walked the agency path themselves, and scaled agencies to the level you’d like to be at.

Ask your potential agency coach about their firsthand experience running and scaling an agency.

What challenges did they face?
How did they navigate growth hurdles?
Look for someone who has been in the trenches and emerged victorious, as their insights will be invaluable to your journey.

A lot of this process is about finding someone who’s been where you want to be, tapping into their learnings, and having them hold you accountable for your actions too.

2/ Track record of scaling sales & marketing team:

When you boil it all down, scaling your agency comes down to great leadership.
Setting the right KPIs, empowering your team to succeed, and in short being a good leader who knows how to get the most out of your team.

So when you’re looking for an agency mentor – look for this, and assess their track record of building high-performance, self-regulating sales & marketing teams.

What did they do to inspire and motivate their team members?
How big was the team when they started, and where did it land?
What was the overall MRR growth during their tenure as a leader?
How did they optimise sales close rates?
What was the MQL to deal won %?

Dig deep here and look for an agency mentor who not only knows how to manage teams but also how to cultivate a culture of collaboration and excellence.

3/ ROI Focus:

Marketing efforts should always be tied to tangible revenue results.

Ask your potential agency mentor about the ROI they’ve achieved with their past marketing initiatives.

Did their campaigns drive significant revenue growth?
How did they measure and optimize performance?
How much did they spend vs revenue generated?
What was rough MRR growth MoM or YoY?
What channels did they invest in? Why?

Invest in an agency mentor who really understands the importance of delivering measurable results, knows how to create an easy-to-use system to show this, and knows how to make every marketing dollar count.


4/ Single source of truth:

Establishing a single source of truth is one of the biggest challenges the majority of agencies out there face.

Getting this right is one of the most important things you can do to scale your agency/

Ask your potential agency mentor candidate how they’ve done this in the past.

What systems or processes did they implement to ensure data accuracy and consistency?
How did they create an easy-to-use dashboard for sales, marketing, retention, and founders alike?
How did they ensure all this was consistently used and adopted by the business?
What tech stack did they use to enable this?

An agency mentor who “gets” how to do this will set you up for long-term success.


5/ Sales Savviness:

Sales velocity and conversion rates are critical metrics for agency success.

Ask your potential agency mentor about the tactics they’ve used to accelerate sales and improve conversion rates.

Did they implement innovative sales strategies or optimize existing processes?

Look for someone who can share practical insights and actionable techniques to drive sales growth and win more clients.


6/ HR Solutions:

People are the heart of any agency, and managing recruitment, HR, and capacity issues is key to scaling sustainably.
Ask your agency mentor candidate how they addressed these challenges in their agency.

How have they improved the time to hire across the business?
What did they do to improve employee satisfaction?
How did improve staff retention?

Look for an agency mentor who understands the importance of building and nurturing a high-performing team & puts people first.


7/ Client Retention:

There’s nothing worse than clients churning – it’s stressful, and almost impossible to plan for.

Find an agency mentor who’s delved deep into improving client retention, and has the data to back it.

How did they ensure client satisfaction and loyalty?
Did they implement proactive communication and feedback mechanisms?
What systems and tools did they use to do this?
How did they go about automating this process?

Partner with an agency mentor who prioritises client retention and knows how to maximise client lifetime value.


8/ Case studies and testimonials:

Finally, nothing speaks louder than a good case study or testimonials.

Consider this the last stage to vet your potential agency mentor.

Ask for testimonials, case studies, or references from satisfied founders who have benefited from their mentorship.

Firsthand accounts of the value your potential agency mentor has delivered will help you get a lot of confidence, and also be ready for what’s ahead.

With all this, remember one thing.

Don’t hire an agency mentor till your’re ready.

Even the best coach will fail if you don’t have the time or bandwidth to make this a priority.

So choose the right time wisely.


Let’s talk about your growth.

Get ready for hyper-growth. You’ll receive direct access to the same B2B marketing consultant that helped Australia’s most successful agencies & fast startups quadruple their revenue in a couple of years. It’s time to take the thinking out of marketing and start growing.

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