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Weekly Sales WIP & Team WIP Structure

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Table of Contents

You’ve hired good salespeople.

You’ve got a decent volume of leads coming in.

But –You’re still not hitting the goals you want to hit consistently enough.

What’s one of the most important ways to grow sales output?

Being a better manager 🙂 

It all comes back to the basics – better 1:1s, better teams wips & better communication.

And after speaking to 100s of founders – unfortunately, this just isn’t there in most agencies.

Building a sales team is a new thing for most agencies.

And even for those who have established sales team – the basics are often forgotten too.

So, to help you out – here’s a quick framework for you to follow –

Weekly Sales Team Meeting Format



First 5 minutes

Recap team goals vs MTD attainment –  MRR goals for the month, Pipeline goals, % of deals won from marketing vs non-marketing

Next 20 minutes

Each team member does the same + submits a forecast for the month (this happens weekly to see how their forecast is changing)

Next 20 minutes

Team nominates some 2-3 deals they need help on,  provides guidance/coaching on how to tackle (and may decide to tag with the sales rep on those during the week)


Head of Sales/ Founder reviews everyone’s forecast vs attainment – sees the “gap”, and coaches them on how to forecast more accurately

Weekly 1:1 Format



First 20 minutes

The salesperson opens up Hubspot/CRM on the big screen (comes ready with it updated). Shares MTD attainment vs KPIs

Next 20 minutes

Any help needed with deals

Next 20 minutes

Update via project management tool how any specific initiatives are progressing (eg: get 5 new case studies per month). The salesperson provides “focus” areas every month for improvement, recaps end of each month how they went vs goals

Every fortnight

This is a “career” discussion where mutual goals are set, and this is tracked via a project management board – with Head of Sales/Founder empowering them to reach their goals, creating a career roadmap & supporting them as needed

Even if you have the best talent onboard – it all comes back to one thing.

How well you manage them.

These WIP templates are tried and tested, and will help your team remain 100% focused on the task at hand.

Without implementing this structure – you’ll get significant inconsistencies in ouput.

With this structure – it’ll empower you with a lot more controlled, consistent growth.

Is it a little extra work? Yes. 
But is it worth it? Absolutely.

Got questions on weekly sales WIPs & team WIP structure, or anything else?

Say hello and we’ll lock in a time to chat through