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Referral Partnerships Playbook

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Table of Contents


It’s no secret that referral partners will give you some of the best leads.

High trust factor.

Faster deal velocity.

Bigger retainers.

But the problem is – it’s so inconsistent.

The good news?

It doesn’t have to be.

I’ve put together a Partnerships Playbook to tell you exactly what you need to do.

Past results from adopting this playbook:

  • $20k MRR closed per month, every month
  • Over $5M revenue ARR generated
  • 20 highly qualified leads per month

Ready to crank referrals?

Jump straight into it.

Good luck


1. Identify past partners

→ Who has sent you leads in the past?
→ What verticals and industries did they come from?

2. Find lookalikes

→ Using 1 above, create a list of 50 new partners for cold outreach.

3. Get some data scraping help

→ Use Upwork to find a contact scraper/list-building specialist 
→ Brief them on 1 & 2 above, hand them tools like Apollo.io & Lusha to help their research

4. Collaborate with them (don’t “outsource”)

→ Work closely with this specialist to build an extensive list of “quality” companies and contacts (don’t just palm it off, and blame them later). 
→ Include name, email, job title, LinkedIn profile, industry & other relevant details.
→ This will take a few rounds and will get better with time.
→ Build a new list, like clockwork, every month. Continue to QA the list – and offer guidance & coaching to the list builder.

5. Hit the phones (ps – this isn’t a part-time gig)

→  If you want this to work, hire a dedicated person to do this.
→ Use a sequence of emails, calls, and LinkedIn messages to each contact in the above list.
→ Attempt contact (provide value each time) at least 10-13 times per contact. Don’t give up after a couple of tries.
→ Set up an attractive commission structure for the rep – based on appointments attended, and a kicker each time a deal closes as well (incentivise the RIGHT behaviours – not just appointments booked).

Get marketing to target this same list via Meta & LinkedIn Ads for accelerated results.

6. Set metrics 

For example –
→ 20 calls per day, plus 20-30 email/LinkedIn touch points, and 15-20 meetings booked for the BDM per month
→ Have clear dashboard in your CRM to track all this, as well as contacts/leads yet to be contacted.
→ There’s no right answer here – just focus on consistency. Start with a conservative number and move up with time (don’t set the person up to fail with incredibly aggressive goals) 

7. Nurture your partners

→ Getting the partnership agreement signed is the easy bit. Many will sign up, few will be active.
→ Pick your top 5-10 partners, nurture them every month – lunch, dinner, coffees etc…
→ Train them often, give them collateral they can easily slip into their presentations.
→ Build relationships, and be top of mind always. Make them like you, they’ll refer you.

→ If you’ve built enough trust, ask you partner for their top 20 clients.
→ Then, share a teaser slide, packed with valuable CUSTOM insights, on how you can help the prospect.
→ Ask the partner to include this into their deck, and tag you in when prospects show interest.


Build lists new lists every month, and prospect without fail.

Don’t try to do it yourself, it won’t happen consistently

This is one of the most lucrative channels you’ll invest in.

Do it justice, give it the time & resources it deserves.

Build real relationships and stay top of mind.

Then, watch the leads & deals pour in.

Good luck!


Got questions on the referral partnerships playbook, referral partnership, or anything else?

Say hello and we’ll lock in a time to chat through