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HR tips – getting Glassdoor reviews

HR tips - getting Glassdoor reviews (1)

Table of Contents

In today’s competitive market, Glassdoor reviews play a massive part in your agency’s brand image. 

And, get this – it doesn’t only impact recruitment.

It impacts your sales too.

I used to work for an agency where we were losing 4-5 deals per week.


Prospects cited Glassdoor reviews & mentioned that since employees are unhappy, the quality of work will likely be poor too.

A bit of a wake up call.

The statistics

Negative reviews can really hurt your bottom line:

  • 86% of job seekers say they’re unlikely to apply to companies with bad reputations on sites like Glassdoor. 

Positive reviews have the opposite impact:

  • Businesses can see up to a 10% bump in sales with just a one-star improvement in their rating, showing how closely employee satisfaction is linked to customer trust. 
  • Companies with strong employer brands get 50% more qualified applicants and can cut hiring costs by up to 50%. 

This means that keeping your team happy and addressing their concerns isn’t just good for morale – it’s also great for your sales and recruiting efforts.

But – 

Most founders are sure how to go about getting more Glassdoor reviews.

It isn’t rocket science – it’s just about asking nicely, and consistently.

That’s honestly it.

However, many get it wrong.

Sometimes, it helps to have a template to get started, so we got you covered.

Here you go – 

Asking for Glassdoor Reviews [ template]


Hey [name] – 

As we grow, our # 1 focus is to ensure everyone here is happy & excited to come to work.

A big part of that is to ensure that we’re always hiring the RIGHT people – both skill-wise & culture wise to be your future colleagues.

Glassdoor helps us find the best talent out there faster – and if you’re open to it, would love your help.

If you’ve had a 5-star experience working here, I’d really appreciate you taking a minute to share a review on Glassdoor. This plays a massive part in attracting the right talent for us in the future.

Equally, if you haven’t had a 5-star experience – please let me know. 

I’d love to learn more about what we can do to turn around your experience and put the steps in place to ensure we get there.




  • Always have this conversation in person 1st, followed up by email.
  • Ensure you’re painting a strong “what’s in it for me”. Employees need a good reason for them to do this (in this case surrounding themselves with good quality talent or improving their experience at your agency)
  • Notice the proactive callout for “if you didn’t have a 5-star experience”. This minimises you being blindsided by unhappy staff and negative reviews. Ensure you’re picking who you send this to wisely. Avoid blanket emails to everyone.

And that’s a wrap.

Got questions on HR tips, receiving Glassdoor reviews, or anything else?

Say hello and we’ll lock in a time to chat through