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Events/ Conference Planning Checklist

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Table of Contents


You’ve got an event coming up, and your heads in a spin. How do you nail ROI from events? 

You need a killer events planning checklist.

If you haven’t already read my thoughts on cranking ROI from your events, check it out first.


Grab the below checklist to execute your event flawlessly 👇🏾

Events Checklist



Create an events budget tracker


Update conference profile page


Review Sponsorship manual & allocate tasks for completion


Invite & assess potential guest speakers


Events Merchandise – Research vendors & order merchandise – pens, mints, notebooks, etc


Pre-event ebook to be shared with event organiser (plus LP & workflows for lead source, lifecycle stage, etc)


Post event ebook link to be shared with event organiser (plus LP & workflows for lead source, lifecycle stage, etc)


Events booth – research vendors & order stand + pull up banners + furniture


Events booth – confirm size + design


Presentation – finalise content


Presentation – finalise design


Finalise attendees to the event


Book flight & accommodation for all attendees


Create a run sheet for the event – summary of everything attendees need to know


MQL capture


Launch “local” FB ads that targets event attendees


Daily uploads of MQLs into Hubspot, end of each day


Daily contact of MQLs, by sales team, whilst at event


Confirm track time, inclusions, and format (ensure you avoid sessions too late or too early)


Confirm booth location & floor plan


Events booth – design takeaway flyer


Events booth – design paper MQL form capture + print


Confirm end of day events/social events to attend


Set MQL goals & Deal won goals


Plan for luggage allowance for merchandise (take it with you, or pickup from local office – don’t have any merch shipped to venue)


Create an MQL report for the event (shows # of mqls per event)


Create an MQLs not contacted, and MQLs not followed up > 3 days report for the event, broken down by sales person (to be used by sales team to max conversion rates)



Got questions on events/conference planning, or anything else?

Say hello and we’ll lock in a time to chat through

Happy planning!