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What’s your USP? Use this template to capture it.

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Table of Contents


This document is best used at the very beginning of your marketing journey, and is instrumental to future sales and marketing efforts.

It helps you, as a founder, narrow down your “why”, and gives your marketing (and sales team) a very succinct overview of the message to take to the market.

Aim to walk your sales or marketing team through this, within 1-2 weeks of them starting.

This clarity is key to their success.

Grab the below client USP template for a smooth client onboarding process 👇🏾

Identifying Ideal Clients & understanding key USPs

The goal of the below exercise is to understand the right target market, as well as key USPs for your offerings. 

This will be critical for upcoming sales and marketing acquisition efforts. 

Who is an ideal client?

Ideal clients (list 3 examples below per vertical)


Vertical 1 

Vertical 2

Vertical 3

Job title 1 


Job tile 2


Job title 3


Jobs titles to target

User Job Titles

Decision maker/ Budget holder job title

Job title 1

Job title 1

Job tile 2

Job tile 2

Job title 3

Job title 3

Elevator pitch

[add your elevator pitch here – max 15-30 seconds about the benefit/value your client gets from using your product or service]

Finding your ideal clients on LinkedIn

Conduct a live search on LinkedIn to identify 10 prospects

  • Pick top 5 job titles to target (5 decision-makers, 5 users)
  • Find 2 individuals per job title
  • Identify the right companies to target

Linkedin Profile


Job Title

Good fit (y/n)? Also add reason

What they’d likely be interested in?


What does an ideal prospect want from your business?

What is the key value each of the above prospects would want from your business? What is the “what’s in it for me” for them to buy your product/service?

Prospect’s challenge

enter challenge 1

enter challenge 2

enter challenge 3

Which product/service would be best to address these problems/challenges?

Problem 1 – product 1

Problem 2 – product 2

Problem 3 – product 3

What are the key business outcomes/benefits they would like from using these products/services?

Business benefit/ outcome 1 

Business benefit/ outcome 2 

Business benefit/ outcome 3

Below is a good example of features vs benefits for reference.

Features vs. Benefits



Simple to-do lists

Get more done every day

Easily plan your workday

Hit your goals (without stress)

Prioritize important tasks

Focus on what matters most

Simple setup

Start saving time today

Cancel anytime

No commitment

Multi-user support

Get more from your team

Status updates

Stay on track

What would a short prospecting email look like to an ideal prospect?


Craft rough email templates per key job title – below is a sample template to use.

Here is the template:

Hi [first name],

In working with other [job titles], one of the key issues they’re struggling with is [key issue].

This past year we helped numerous companies like [insert company names] to [business driver], resulting in [add % or $ figures about money saved, revenue added, productivity increased].

Based on extensive experience working with others in your industry, I have some ideas that might help [insert business driver eg: accelerate your growth, 4x your leads, reduce operating costs by up to 50%, etc…]

Would love 15 minutes of your time – does early or later on in the week work better for you?

All the best,

[Your name]

Here is a sample:


Hi David,

In working with other CEOs, one of the key issues they’re struggling with is building a high performance sales engine.

This past year we helped numerous companies like Acne, Alpha & Omega accelerate their sales team performance resulting in a 4x increase in deals won, as well as a 250% increase in monthly leads generated.

Based on extensive experience working with others in your industry, I have some ideas that can drive exponential revenue growth for your business.

Worth a chat?

[Your name]

Now your turn – please craft your prospecting email below:




Now, hand this one-pager to your sales & marketing team – this will be instrumental to their success.

Often as founders, it’s hard to crystalise our USP – this template helps boil it all down and will empower your team to sell and market your brand, better.

This will help your marketing team develop better copy and ads that resonate with your target market, and help your sales team refine their pitch as well.

With that said, good luck!


Got questions on client USP template, understanding USP, or anything else?

Say hello and we’ll lock in a time to chat through