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Hiring a BDM? Use these interview questions ✔️

Hiring a BDM_ Use these interview questions ✔️

Table of Contents

What’s the biggest mistake people make when interviewing BDMs?

Not having the right questions to dig deep into the details.

Remember – most salespeople are great talkers.

You must get beneath the surface-level answers and look for hard numbers, grit, and the salesperson’s ability to take ownership of their success. 

To help, I’ve compiled a few questions you slot into your next interview – good luck!

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General ice breakers


  • What interests you about this role?
  • Tell me what you know about this role?
  • Where do you see yourself 1, 2, 3 years from now?
  • What are the most important things when selecting your next role?

What to look for:

  • Clear career aspirations 
  • The level of research they’ve done on you and the company (this is indicative of how well they research a prospective before speaking to them)
  • The culture fit – pay close attention to why they left their last roles and what they’re looking for in their next role.

Job performance

  • Describe how you organize your day and week.
  • How many outbound calls per day did you do?
  • What were your KPIs, and how did you perform vs these KPIs?
  • What were you calls to deals won conversion rate?
  • Talk me through, from end to end, a cold outreach prospect that turned into a won deal. 
  • Were there any tricks/tips you found over time that helped maximized close rates for BDMs?
  • What was your target vs. attainment over the last few years?
  • Assume you get no leads in this role – how would you hit your target (a minimum of 10k MRR per month)

What to look for:

  • Clear articulation of goals and targets attained. 
  • A structured, organized approach to each day. Concrete time blocks for outbound, inbound, follow-ups, pitch, desk creation, etc…
  • Answers backed by hard numbers
  • Short and succinct answers – anyone who’s long-winded is likely a poor fit.
  • When marketing efforts are slow, will they “generate” their own leads of blame their failure on a lack of leads? It’s critical to have a “hunter” mentality in sales – regardless of whether or not your business is generating leads.

Tech savviness 

  • What CRM(s) have you used before?
  • What other tools do you use to do outbound prospecting?
  • How did you ensure your manager had visibility of your activity?
  • CRM hygiene is a big part of this role – how do you feel about this?

What to look for:

  • Anyone who claims they were “micromanaged” – in most cases this means the sales person doesn’t like being held accountable (of course there are exceptions, but keep this in mind)
  • Diligent and smart use of the CRM 0 salespeople who use the tool to empower their success.
  • Avoiding salespeople who see the CRM as “admin” or those who rarely update their CRM
  • Daily/ weekly blocks for CRM updates. 

Appetite to read/learn

  • Entering a brand new industry, how would you get up to speed?
  • Are there any publications you follow to keep across sales best practices?

What to look for:

  • Are they open to coaching & mentoring? It is important to find a salesperson who’s hungry to learn and flexible enough to learn “your” way – as each business’ sales process is vastly different. 
  • Will they learn “new ways” or will they just do things their way?
  • Are they following some of the thought leaders in sales?
  • Are they looking at ways to consistently improve their “science” behind selling?
  • Have they self-enrolled or self-taught principles like SPIN, Value selling, Challenger methodology, or other sales frameworks?

Hiring a good digital marketing BDM is tough. 

However, as you streamline the interview process and ask the right questions – it’ll help you find the RIGHT candidate a lot faster. 

Most underestimate the importance of the interview process in helping you nab that “perfect fit”.
Make sure you don’t do the same.

Still not sure if someone’s the right fit for your business?

Found a candidate you’re not quite sure about and wondering how to delve deeper?

Or just wondering what you need to do to scale your sales & marketing effort?

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